About translations


GCS translates the following:

  • Mineral and Oil Exploration related documents
  • Hearing/consultation related documents
  • Scientific and technical texts or reports
  • Marketing (PR) texts
  • Correspondence – letters, e-mail, questionnaires
  • Websites
  • Computer program text
  • Annual reports
  • Film and movie manuscripts
  • Various publications


GCS’s price for translation is determined based on the following:

  • Text type
  • Complexity
  • Speed of delivery
  • Editing requirements
  • Number of words or pages

In addition, the current freelance market prices in Greenland are used as guidelines for determining the translation price.

File formats

Following file formats are used by GCS:

  • MS Office
  • Open Office
  • .pdf
  • .htm/html
  • .rtf
  • .txt/ttx
  • Other formats – please contact us


GCS is well aware of concepts such as confidentiality, privacy and secrecy.

GCS handles all information and documents securely and confidentially.

You can rest assured knowing that your information or documents will not be shown or disclosed to others.


GCS has so far the following references:

  • Aalborg Universitet
  • BE Communication
  • DTU – ARTEK (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet)
  • GrønlandsBANKEN A/S
  • Ilisimatusarfik & Montana State University
  • Kalaallit Airports A/S
  • Naalakkersuisut
  • Nordic Council
  • SuliNuuk
  • TELE Greenland A/S